The Second M- Method

Method refers to the "how". How do you execute your trades? What strategy to use? Every trader's "how" is different - because we perceive charts in different ways and have different risk appetites.

Let me give you an example:

For Forex trading, I mainly use 15minute candles to day trade, or even scalp the market. I stick to my rule of a 1% risk per trade and I only take up to 5 trades at one time.

But for another trader, let's say you, you may not want to day trade or scalp, because you have other commitments like a day job, or you have to take care of your kids. You may be more of a risk taker than I am and you risk 3% per trade. You may also want to take more trades and are willing to take up to 10 trades at one time.

You see, in trading, there's no single "holy grail" strategy, or "mine is better than yours"

It's all about consistency. It's about finding a winning method that works for YOU.

In this powerful lesson, I’ll share with you:

  1. My proven strategy that has helped myself and thousands of students to profit consistently.
  2. How you can adapt my technique for your own trading preferences. 
  3. My daily trading process and exactly how I trade to win.

In the next part of the series, I will share with you about Mind - arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. Stay tuned and make sure to check your inbox for the next video!