Make an Extra 20-30% Income Per Year by Collecting Option Premiums off Your Stock Portfolio



So you’ve been investing or trading for some months now, and you’re looking for ways to mine more profit out of the market.

You’ve heard of the profit-making wonders of Options Trading, but never really delved into it because of all the complex-sounding Greek jargon. Perhaps you’re also wary of this “notorious” instrument due to the perceived risks and scam ads that make it seem too good to be true.

Now, is there a proven, legit way to profit from Options trading? Here’s the truth  Options Trading when done right, is a powerful tool used by professional traders to make a “side income” on top of their current positions.

Here’s How Investors & Traders Like You Can Supercharge Your Account’s ROI Using Options

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Stock Investors

Use Options to protect your investments against short-term recessions and make extra profits during sideways or dry seasons.

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For Stock Traders

Using Options as a powerful leverage tool, you can control high-priced stocks with just a small capital. Especially useful for U.S. traders who cannot trade CFDs.

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For All Traders Who Want a New Income Stream

Execute Options calls and puts flexibly to profit in literally ANY market direction while taking limited risk.

While other traders sit and wait for the trend to turn in their favour, you could have made an extra 20 to 30% a year just by collecting Option premiums… regardless of market direction!

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Options Trading Course: Options Ironshell™

Course Overview

The Piranha Profits® options trading course is created for traders who want to generate more income from their trading account without being tied down by unpredictable market weather.

Like the impenetrable shell of a king crab, Options Ironshell™ gives you iron-clad strategies to protect your positions and insure yourself against draw-downs. It is especially powerful for stock investors who want to defend their portfolio against short-term “bear attacks”, while making extra profits during dry seasons.

In this comprehensive course, you’ll walk through the ABCs of Options trading like “What are Greeks”, “What are calls and puts”, before diving into 5 profitable Options strategies that you can apply in various market scenarios.

8 Powerful Strategies You’ll Learn in Options Ironshell™


Strategies #1 & #2: Long Calls and Long Puts

Learn the exact steps to executing long calls and puts to generate profits when the market is very bullish or bearish.

Strategy #3: Selling Covered Calls

Learn how to generate an extra 20 – 30% income a year on your investment portfolio just by collecting Option premiums… even during sideways or slow seasons!

Strategy #4: Hedging with Protective Puts

Learn how to buy “insurance” to protect your long-term stock portfolio from short-term bear attacks and cover your losses.

Strategy #5: Selling Cash-Secured Puts

Learn how legendary investors like Warren Buffett buy their favorite stocks at massive discounts and how you can end up owning stocks for FREE.
Strategies #6 & #7: Buying Vertical Spreads

Learn a cheap method to squeeze profits from bullish and bearish stocks with pre-defined win-rate and limited risk!

Strategy #8: The Cash Flow Wheel

Learn how to Combine Selling a Cash Secured Put & Then Selling a Covered Call to Generate Consistent Cash Flow!

Learn Options Trading in the Simplest Possible Way Packed with Examples and Market Case Studies

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Worried about painful jargon and head-scratching Greeks? Trading mentor Adam Khoo understands that Options can be complex and intimidating for traders.

Using his unique brand of clear, humorous and example-packed teaching, he breaks this “scary” topic into bite-sized lessons that even “slow” traders can begin to grasp.

To help you get the most out of this course, every strategy lesson is armed with real case studies by Options Coach, Bang Pham Van. As a veteran Options trader with over 10,000 live trades under his belt, Bang will show you profitable entry and exit execution rules to trade Options with confidence and clarity.

Read the Rave Reviews from Real-Life Traders

Enrol in the trading course that brings you real returns. See the results our students achieved after attending the Options Trading Course: Options Ironshell™ by Adam Khoo & Bang Pham Van. 




More Reasons to Love Our Options Trading Course

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Unlimited Returns with Limited Risk

By risking just a tiny fraction of your trade in the form of Option premiums, you’ll never be wiped out by price crashes and sudden

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Trade with a Clear System and
Pre-Selected Win Rate

You’ll learn to execute trades logically by following a fixed set of rules. No over-risking, no emotions, no leaving things to chance.

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Trade Simply in Less than 20 Minutes a Day

Using our tested and time-saving strategies, you can sit back, filter your trades and bag in premiums day after day without excessive chart-checking.  

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Bonus Lesson on Technical Analysis
Unlikely some Options courses that are all about theory, Options Ironshell also shows you how to identify trends accurately so that you can deploy the right Options tactic at the right time.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Basics of Options Trading

    The Power of Options in Trading and Investing
    Call and Put Options
    Option Pricing: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value
    The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho
    Option Contracts for Stocks, Futures and Currencies
    How to Profit under Any Market Condition

Lesson 2: Setting Up Charts and Trading Tools

    Setting Up Your Charting Platform
    Creating a Watchlist
    Reading and Analysing an Option Chain
    Analysing Risk Versus Reward
    Using Probability Analysis
    How to Place and Modify Orders

Lesson 3: Understanding Long Calls and Puts

    Steps to Execute Long Calls when Very Bullish
    Steps to Execute Long Puts when Very Bearish

Lesson 4: Generating Extra Income with Covered Calls

    Generating Extra Income from Your Stock Portfolio
    Covered Call Strategy: Long Stock + Write Calls
    Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
    Case Studies

Lesson 5: Hedging a Portfolio with Protective Puts

    Buy Insurance to Protect Your Stock Portfolio in a Bear Market
    Steps to Calculating the Perfect Hedge with Deltas
    Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
    Case Studies

Lesson 6: Selling Cash Secured Puts

       Stock Selection
       Entry Strategy
       Exit Strategy
       Selling Cash Secured Puts Advantages and Risks

Lesson 7: Bullish Strategy: Bull Call Spread

       Profiting from Bullish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
       Lower Risk Compared to Buying a Straight Call: Cheaper with Lower Theta / Vega Risk
       The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
       Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Lesson 8: Bearish Strategy: Bear Put Spread

       Profiting from Bearish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
       Lower Risk Compared to Buying a Straight Put: Cheaper with Lower Theta / Vega Risk
       The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
       Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Lesson 9: The Cash Flow Wheel

       Strategy That Combines Selling a Cash Secured Put & Then Selling a Covered Call
       To Generate a Consistent Cash Flow 
       Finding the Best Stock Selection
       The Steps to Execute this Strategy 

(Bonus) Lesson 10: Basics of Technical Analysis

       Tenants of Dow Theory and Principles of Technical Analysis
       Identifying Trends
       Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply & Demand Zones
       Mastering Moving Averages
       Mastering Indicators: Trend Following & Oscillators
       Using Powerful Candlestick Patterns and Price Action Trading

(Bonus) Lesson 11: Setup your trading station

       How to use the tools included in the course
       Setting up your TWS for options trading
       Options Quick reference guide

Lesson 12: Options Assignment - Should You Be Worried, or Happy?

      Is Assignment a Risk?
     Probability of Assignment
    Assignment Before ex-Div Date
    How to Clear an Assignment Position
    Can an Index Option be Assigned



Invest Just Once and Benefit for a Lifetime with the Piranha Profits™ Support System

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Options Trading Course Level 1: Options Ironshell™

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Enrolment BONUS: Options Trading Quick Reference Guide (USD 300)


About Options Trading Coach, Bang Pham Van

Bang Adam


Bang is a good friend of Adam Khoo and the co-creator of Options Ironshell. With over 18 years of live trading experience, this veteran trader has executed more than 15,000 trades in total.

As a trading coach, Bang has mentored over 100 traders on his Options trading strategies. He has conducted numerous training sessions on personal financial planning, wealth accumulation and investment strategies.

Bang holds an MBA and is a senior finance manager at one of Forbes’ global top 50 MNCs where he has worked for over 20 years. Amidst his hectic work schedule, he finds time to trade and coach fellow traders using his systematic 20-minute-a-day Options tactics.

Course FAQ


While this course is designed to be as simple as possible, it still requires prior knowledge of investing / trading foundations, such as chart reading, identifying trends (technical analysis) and stock fundamentals. This is to ensure you apply the right strategies at the right time.

If you are new to investing / trading, the learning curve will be steeper for you compared to someone who has already been in the markets for months. For starters, we recommend you to go for our Value Momentum Investing Course or Stock Trading Course Level 1.


We agree that some traders may find Options not so easy to grasp at first. That’s why we loaded this course with tons of real-life market case studies, charts, and crystal-clear entry & exit rules.

The learning curve varies for different traders; some people can catch it in one sitting, while some people may need to revise the course a few times. The good thing about our course is that you have lifetime access, so you can watch it as many times as you need until you master the strategies.


Our strategies are 100% legit and proven. Each strategy has been personally tested by Adam Khoo and professional Options coach Bang Pham Van to generate solid returns from the market.

What you’ll learn in this course are real, regular options trading strategies, which are not the same as the infamous “binary options” or “spread betting” that you see on some online ads.

You will also learn how to pre-select your win rate and limit your risks so that you do not fall into the danger of wiping out your account.


The course fee you see on this page is already heavily discounted to make the course affordable for all traders across the world. Once you enrol for our course, you gain lifetime access where you can re-watch the videos as many times as you like at no additional fee. What’s more, you can use our proprietary trading tools (worth USD 300) anytime with no subscription fee or hidden costs. This is truly a value-for-money deal you don’t want to miss!


We apologise but this option is not available.

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