Master 16 Profitable Strategies to Strike the Market in Various Situations for Sizeable Upside Potential



The Options Trading Course Level 2 by Piranha Profits® is designed for experienced traders who want to take their trading profits to a new high without being tied down by Mr. Market’s mood swings.

Like the dominating grip of a king crab, Options Ironstriker™ gives you timely, offensive strategies to strike the market while it’s hot. You’ll learn to deploy flexible, tested Options setups that counter various market scenario… even the dreaded sideway consolidation and the “dangerous” earnings announcement season that most traders are helpless with!

In this advanced course, you‘ll master the tactics of structuring 2, 3, 4-legged Options combos – using 16 powerful Option strategies created or hand-picked by trading mentors Adam Khoo and Bang Pham Van.

16 Powerful Strategies You’ll Learn in
Options Ironstriker™

Crab icon 2Strategy #1: Credit Spreads

This low-risk, high-probability strategy lets you sell “insurance” and collect premiums even if you’re not totally certain of the market direction.

Crab icon 2Strategy #2: Iron Condor

Coach Bang’s bread-and-butter strategy – use this “trade the range” tactic to squeeze profits from the market when it’s crawling sideways!

Crab icon 2Strategy #3: Earnings Probability Spread

Adam Khoo’s favourite strategy for consistent quarterly profits – learn how to achieve up to 1:10 risk-reward on low capital! Discover how to profit safely from the “dangerous” earnings announcement season without fear of market gap-downs.

Crab icon 2Strategy #4: Long Diagonal Spread

Found a great stock but can’t afford the 100 shares? Learn how to “lease to rent” options to earn pocket money every month while covering your long-term position! This is perfect for traders with small accounts.

Crab icon 2Strategy #5: Long Calendar Spread

A very profitable strategy for fundamentally strong stocks – Discover how to own a long-term option at low cost or even for free!

Crab icon 2Strategy #6: Synthetic Long and Short Stocks

Use this cost-saving hack to replicate the actual position of a stock … while forking out only 10% of the capital required!

Crab icon 2Strategy #7: Protective Bullish Synthetic

Our proprietary options strategy invented by Piranha Profits™ – Use this cheap “bottom -fishing” tactic to “buy into” strong, undervalued stocks at just 10% of its original share price.

Crab icon 2Strategy #8: The SNIPEX™

Another proprietary options strategy invented by Piranha Profits™ - a Nimble strategy on SPX to make profits from theta-scalping.

Crab icon 2Strategy #9: Back Ratio Spread

Construct this spread without worrying about downside risk, and enjoy unlimited upside potential with low blocked buying power.

Crab icon 2Strategy #10: Earnings Sniper Spread™

Our third trademark options strategy invented by Bang Pham Van. Enjoy a wide profit range and high probability (win rate) without picking a price direction.

Crab icon 2Strategy #11: Bull Put Spread Xtreme™

Achieve 5% to 15% per month (60% to 120% per year) with a high probability win rate (90%)! Profit when the stock price moves down slightly, sideways or up.

Crab icon 2Strategy #12: SNIPEX 4B™

Suitable for beginner with smaller trading account and busy traders who can't monitor the portfolio regularly. This is a trademark strategy invented by Bang Pham Van. 

Crab icon 2Strategy #13: The Collar

Protect your shares against downside risk at a minimum or even zero cost.

Crab icon 2Strategy #14: Bull Bang Collar™

Bang Pham Van’s trademark strategy that generates extra income for you while you’re waiting for the stock price to go up.

Crab icon 2Strategy #15: Crouching Bull Spread™

Bang Pham Van’s latest trademark strategy invented in 2023 against a bearish market. As the name suggests, the bull is defending against the bear, and it's waiting for the right time to attack.

Crab icon 2Strategy #16: Jade Lizard (JL) Strategy

Originally, the term was used by Jenny Andrews and Liz Dierking. It is a neutral to slightly bullish strategy that involves 3 legs.

No Cherry-Picked Examples – Only Real, Raw Trades Broken Down for You Step by Step

Bang teach how to repair

We get it – most courses out there are laden with perfect textbook examples that “work” on hindsight… but the charts you encounter every day often fall into grey areas that are not so easy to decipher.

That’s why we prepared tons of video recordings to walk you through the real-time thought process of a pro options trader… using actual, unpolished trade data. You’ll learn how to:

✓   Hunt for trade setups from scratch
✓   Decide what trade action to take based on current criteria
✓   Plan your next move even before you execute the trade
✓   Roll a losing trade into a breakeven / winning position
✓   and plenty of priceless insights other courses won’t teach you!

More Reasons to Love Our Options Trading Course

Course Learning Icon 16

Trade Multi-Direction Setups

You’ll deploy flexible Options tactics to earn profits without worrying about market direction.

Course Learning Icon 13

Trade with a Pre-Defined High Win Rate System

You can pre-select high probability trades of 70-90% win rate – no over-risking, no second-guessing, no leaving things to chance.

Course Learning Icon 17

Enter Profitable Trades with Low Capital

Using our cost-efficient strategies, you can get into profitable setups and even own expensive shares with just a small account.

Course Learning Icon 15

Repair Trades and Turn Losses into Profits

Got a trade gone awry? Fret not – you’ll learn how to adjust your trades live and turn a losing position into breakeven… or even profits!



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Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction

      Review of Options Concepts
      Advantages of Being a Net Options
    Seller: High Win Rates

      Statistics of Consistent Options Trading Profits

Lesson 2: Credit Spreads

      Master the High Probability Strategy of
    Selling Options & Collecting Premiums

      Sell Insurance with 85-90% Winning Probability
      How to Sell Call Credit Spreads and Put
    Credit Spreads

      Profitable Entry & Exit Execution Rules
    and Case Studies

Lesson 3: Iron Condor

      The Ideal Strategy to Generate Income in a Sideways Market
      Profit with 85-90% Winning Probability
     with Limited Risk

      The Optimal Time to Construct an Iron

      How to Repair Trades and Turn a Losing Trade to a Winning One

Lesson 4: Earnings Probability Spread

      Generate Quick Profits in 2-3 Days When Stocks Gap Up During Earnings Reports 
      Identify Stocks that Have a High
     Probability of Beating Earnings

      Construct an Options Spread to Generate Up to 1:10 Risk-Reward Ratio

Lesson 5: Long Diagonal Spread

      Generate Regular Income with Limited Capital and Risk 
      Optimal Way to Construct Covered Call Strategy on High Priced Stocks
      Buy Deep ITM Call and Sell Monthly OTM Calls to Collect Monthly Income

Lesson 6: Long Calendar Spread

      Buy a Long-Term Call (LEAP) & Sell a
     Short-Term Call at the Same Strike Price
      The Ideal Strategy When You Are Bullish on a Stock in the Long-Term
      Reduce Cost of Owning Long-Term Options while Benefiting from Volatility Increase
      The Best Time to Enter a Long Calendar Spread

Lesson 7: Synthetic Long and Short Stocks

      Taking a Long or Short Position on Stocks Using a Fraction of Capital 
      Defining Your Own Profit Range or Stock Price Level 
      Magnifying Your Returns on Investment
      How to Construct the Trade with No Cost

Lesson 8: Protective Bullish Synthetic  (Bull Bang™)

      How to Construct a Cheap Bullish Trade While Getting Protection
      Synthetic Long + Protective Put = Bull Bang
      The Ideal Strategy for “Bottom-Fishing” Stocks

Lesson 9: The SNIPEX

      How to make profits from theta-scalping
      Construct each trade with less than $200 per contract
      Ideal for low capital trading

Lesson 10: Psychology & Risk Management

      Psychological Rules of Winning Traders
      Understanding and Planning the Risk Profile of Each Trade
      How to Repair Losing Trades and Minimize Losses
      Costly Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


Lesson 11: Build a Profitable Options Trading Business

      Manage a Low Risk, High Return Options Portfolio
      Setting Up Your Trading Desk
      Developing a Trading Plan
      Keeping Records Using Your Trading Journal  
      A Winning Trading Routine

Lesson 12: Summary  When to Use Each Strategy

      Recap Strategies Learnt in Ironshell and Ironstriker
      Know Exactly When to Use Which Strategy
      Rules on Strategy Selection
      Tips: Preferred Strategies & Securities

Lesson 13: Back Ratio Spread

      Enjoy unlimited upside potential with low blocked buying power
      Construct this spread without worrying
   about downside risk
      Risk-free even if the trade goes opposite direction

Lesson 14: Earnings Sniper Spread

      Trademark strategy invented by Bang Pham Van
      How to profit with low capital during earnings season
      Enjoy a wide profit range and high
  probability (win rate) without picking a price direction

Lesson 15: Bull Put Spread Xtreme

      Achieve 5% to 15% ROI per month
      High Probability of Winning (90% win rate)
      Profit when the stock price moves down
  slightly, sideways or up

Lesson 16: SNIPEX 4B

      Suitable for beginners with smaller accounts
      Suitable for busy traders who can't monitor the portfolio regularly
      Attractive risk to reward profile where profit can be multi-fold of Max loss

Lesson 17: The Collar

      Benefit from upside potential
      Provide a protection for the shares against downside risk at a minimum or zero cost
      Low buying power thanks to the protective put, hence it could magnify ROI

Lesson 18: Bull Bang Collar Strategy

      Upside profit potential, limited risk,low capital
      Generate additional income while waiting  for the stock price to go up
      Time decay (theta) works in our favor

Lesson 19: How to Repair A Bull Bang Collar Trade

      The Intent of Repairing A Bull Bang Collar Trade
      The 3 Ways to "Repair" a Bull Bang Collar Trade that Goes Wrong

Lesson 20: Options Assignment - Should you be worried, or happy?

      Is assignment a risk and why are people freaking out?
      The probability of assignment and how to clear an assigned position.
      Common mistakes and special circumstances

Lesson 21: Rolling Options - Science or arts?

      What Options strategies require rolling?
      Different rolling scenarios and other considerations
      When to roll ITM & OTM short Call and Put?

Lesson 22: Crouching Bull Strategy (CBS)

      The intent of a Crouching Bull and its application
      CBS key benefits and watch-outs
      When to exit or roll on CBS

(New!) Lesson 23: Jade Lizard (JL) Strategy

     Understand the Jade Lizard strategy, a neutral to slightly bullish options trading approach.
     Identify optimal entry conditions, including stock selection, options liquidity, technical setup, and ideal entry credit.
     Learn how to construct a Jade Lizard trade with specific strike prices and entry credits.
     Understand the risk-reward profile, with a focus on managing downside risk due to the absence of downside protection in Jade Lizard trades.



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About Options Trading Coach, Bang Pham Van

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Bang is a good friend of Adam Khoo and is the co-creator of Options Ironstriker. With over 18 years of live trading experience, this veteran trader has executed more than 10,000 trades in total. 

As a trading coach, Bang has mentored over 100 traders on his Options trading strategies.

He is the creator of numerous trademark Options strategies like the SNIPEX™, Earnings Sniper Spread™ and Bull Bang™ that have bagged him over USD 200,000 in profits.

Bang holds an MBA and is a senior finance manager at one of Forbes’ global top 50 MNCs where he has worked for over 20 years. Amidst his hectic work schedule, he finds time to trade and coach fellow traders using his systematic 20-minute-a-day Options tactics.

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