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Discover Cryptocurrency Investing — The Biggest Opportunity to Profit Since the Dotcom Boom

The crypto-currency boom is real. You must have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on. It’s no secret; the potential of crypto-currency is simply too huge to ignore.. In 2020, the cryptocurrency market grew from $192 billion to $746 billion ─ that’s almost 4 times in just 12 months!

3x Growth

Is it too late for me to catch the wave?

You’re still in time. In fact, we are only at the tip of the iceberg where early investors are seeing multi-bagger returns in a matter of months.

Like it or not, disruption is here. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) are disrupting the financial system; like how AirBNB has disrupted the hotel industry.

In fact, experts have dubbed cryptocurrency “the future of money”.

You see, the applications of digital currency are virtually limitless.

For example, Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in terms of market cap, enables “smart contracts” and “decentralized applications (dapps)” to be built and run without fraud or interference from third parties.

With payments technology giant Visa starting to allow payment settlements in digital coin and Mastercard bringing crypto onto its network, the acceptance of digital currency by the financial industry is looking to become commonplace.

As more big players join the game, now is the best time to equip yourself with the skills to profit from the next boom.



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Crypto Current™ Investing Course

Course Overview

Crypto Current™ is created for investors who want to take action on the cryptocurrency boom but are not sure how to start.

Cutting out all the complex jargon, it drives you straight to the core strategies that help you ride the crypto wave.

•   Are you new to investing? You will learn how to set up your crypto wallet step-by-step and how to profit in a safe and secure way.

•  Are you already investing in other assets? Then this course will be your shortcut to picking up crypto investing and add to your arsenal of wealth creation strategies.

You’ll learn how to use fundamental comparative analysis to identify high-value-growth digital assets and adopt key mental models to succeed in crypto investing.

Packed with easy-to-digest video tutorials, Crypto Current™ gives you the confidence to navigate the world of digital currency.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 0: Evolution of the Internet

       Block Chain Technology and Bitcoin

Lesson 1: Cryptocurrency Classifications

       Cryptocurrency Types and Examples

Lesson 2: Create & Funding your Wallet

       Creating Crypto Accounts
      Gemini Small Deposit Test Guide
       How to send to and receive coins from
   Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Lesson 3: Secure & Minimise Risk from Hackers

       Creating 3 keys to secure your cryptocurrency wallet

Lesson 4: Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges

       Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges
       Understanding Satoshi and USDT
  performance measure

Lesson 5: High Probability Technical Tops and Bottoms in Cryptocurrency

      Using Trading View for Cryptocurrency Chart Analysis

    Identifying Bull and Bear Traps Signals for Reversals with Examples

  How and When to Take Profits when your Crypto Moon

Lesson 6: Profiting from Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)

       Learn how to invest in token sales

Lesson 7: Passive Income Strategy – Lending, Staking & Liquidity Mining (NEW!)

      Understanding Crypto Lending & Examples

    Understanding Crypto Staking & Examples

  Understanding Liquidity Mining in Crypto Centralized & Decentralized Exchange


Lesson 8: Cashing out your Cryptocurrencies

       Cashing out your cryptocurrencies profits in the most cost efficient way

Lesson 9: The Multi-Bagger Potential of Alternative Coins

       Fundamental analysis for high potential alternate coins

Lesson 10: Profiting from Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) 

      High Probability & Low Risk Strategy to at least 10X Your Initial Investment

Lesson 11: Economics of Mining

       Understanding mining packages and the math behind it

Lesson 12: Trade Management

       Trade management – Order Types
       Learn how to short cryptocurrencies

Lesson 13: Risk Management Tactics for Cryptocurrency

       Manage risk Using Crypto Current spreadsheet

       Monitoring your cryptocurrency performance using Crypto Current Portfolio spreadsheet

Lesson 14: Diversified Portfolio Management for Cryptocurrency

       Expectancy and Portfolio management

Lesson 15: Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Guide (NEW!)

Creating Metamask Wallet (MM)

       Charting Tools for DEX – Dextools, Dexscreener

      MEV bot and how to prevent them

      Live DEX Execution Demo

Lesson 16: Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Crypto Gaming

Potential of NFT and Crypto Gaming


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with the Piranha Profits™ Trader Support System

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Alson Clearly Has the Confidence as He Has Made Money from Cryptocurrency”

The course explains how laymen can get started. Alson clearly has the confidence as he has made money from cryptocurrency — you can see he has hands-on experience. What I enjoyed about the course was the generous sharing of knowledge and ideas on crypto and ICO… It would have taken me months to gain this knowledge on my own.

Sanjay Kapil
Sanjay Kapil
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Join This Course to Ride the Crypto Wave of Our Lifetime!”

I have gained understanding on when to cash out during market flash ups, and detailed information about ICOs. What’s great about this course is learning how to set up all the accounts and how to protect our crypto assets. Alson is very patient and always willing to help his students with their questions. If you are new to the crypto market, you must join this course to ride the crypto wave of our lifetime. Don’t miss this crypto boom!

Joshua Lim
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Offers Real Tips that Make It Easier for Us to Build Up Our Foundation”

I’ve gained insights that help me to understand cryptocurrency and improved my confidence to venture into this new thing! I appreciate Alson’s perspective as a former proprietary trader — he speaks from experience and offers real tips that make it easier for us to build up our foundation in the crowded web. He walks us through a step-by-step process… from creating accounts to creating wallets, difference in coins and tokens and sites to trade in the future.

Cheah Jing Ying
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I Now Have a Better Understanding of Cryptocurrency and Strategies on Good ICOs”

I initially thought cryptocurrency is a scam. Through the course, I was educated and now have a better understanding on the background, purpose of cryptocurrency, and strategies on good ICOs. What I like about Alson is his knowledge and practical approach. I’m looking forward to better returns!

Sally Sim
Sally Sim

About Your Mentor, Alson Chew

Award-Winning Former Proprietary Trader

Alson Circle


Alson is a former senior proprietary trader at an established boutique firm, where he traded a proprietary fund and achieved the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row. With his acute market analysis, Alson has achieved a total net profit of more than USD 3 million trading the financial markets.

With over 10 years of live trading experience, Alson gained insider insights into the market’s inner workings. Since placing his first cryptocurrency trade in late 2016, Alson’s portfolio has grown over 7500%. In just two years, he grew his account from an initial $40,000 to over $3 million. His best trades and investments include Ripple, TenX and ICON, in which he made over 40 times his initial investment.   

Hailed a skilful and sincere trading coach, Alson has imparted his techniques to more than 4,000 students worldwide. As a financial educator, he has shared the stage at regional wealth seminars with renowned investment mentor Adam Khoo.

Course FAQ


Yes! This course is suitable for both beginner and existing investors. Alson will start from the basics before moving into his investing strategies. Each video tutorial is created in a simple-to-understand manner for easy learning. What’s more, with our lifetime access, you can always re-watch the videos as many times as you need.


The course fee you see on this page is already heavily discounted to make the course affordable for all traders across the world. Once you enrol for our course, you gain lifetime access where you can re-watch the videos as many times as you like at no additional fee. What’s more, you can use our proprietary trading tools (worth USD 300) anytime with no subscription fee or hidden costs. This is truly a value-for-money deal you don’t want to miss!


We apologise but this option is not available.

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