Learn How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio with the "Property Rolling" Strategy that Gives You 15-50% Annual Yield Without Locking in Massive Capital


“Have you wondered how investors are retiring on properties?”


Many investors want to become the landlord of an investment property and collect rental income every month.

Let’s say your current salary is USD 5K a month. With two properties that bring in USD 2.5K rental income each, you can effectively replace your income. But if you want to quit your job and retire comfortably from your property income, you’ll need more than two properties.

Now, what if we told you there’s a way to make your money work smarter right now, so you can own not just two… but 10 properties in the next 10 yearseven with limited capital?

10 Properties

See, you don’t need to be a tycoon to afford multiple properties.
Using the power of safe leverage, you can invest in your first property with just a fraction of the capital. You can then extract the capital growth from the first property to place the deposit for your next property. Roll and repeat.
In fact, this is exactly what property investor Jeffrey Ong did to become a real estate millionaire starting from scratch.

7-Figure Property Investor Teaches How to Own 10 Properties in 10 Years… Starting with as Low as 25K

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Meet Jeff, an avid property investor since 2000. Like many working professionals, he aimed to achieve financial freedom by buying a property and leaving it to grow in value over time.
When he bought his first investment property, he had to borrow money from his parents to put a down-payment to purchase the $400,000 property.
When he managed to sell it 3 years later with over 11X ROI, he realized the wealth-multiplying power of real estate. 
Inspired by his aunt and uncle who were retiring on a sizable property portfolio in the UK, Jeff started researching for investment opportunities around the globe.
Since 2010, Jeff has invested in 13 properties in Singapore, UK and Australia worth a combined market value of USD 5.6 million. These properties now generate an average rental income of USD 26,000 every month. The best part? He built this portfolio using just 15% of the required capital, thanks to his B4R Property Freedom Blueprint™.
The good news is you too can apply this blueprint to achieve more with your money and shorten your path to financial freedom.



The Property Value Investing Course by Jeffrey Ong

Meet the brand-new course by Piranha Profits® designed for investors who want to potentially achieve capital gains of 15-50% a year, generate monthly cash flow through rental income, and hedge your stock portfolio using reliable real estate investments.
You’ll learn the B4R Property Freedom Blueprint™ for building a portfolio of best-in-class investment properties that can potentially DOUBLE in value within the next decade.
Taught by Jeffrey Ong, the veteran property investor who has been there, done that, you’ll develop a realistic plan to retire on real estate and achieve financial freedom in less than 10 years.

What You Will Learn in the B4R Property Freedom Blueprint™:


  • How to calculate the intrinsic value of a property in a few steps
  • How to find undervalued rental properties that give you profit at the point of purchase
  • Case studies of UK investment properties including riverside apartments and detached houses
  • Avoid the costly mistakes of amateur investors


  • The secret to unlocking value and “forcing” capital appreciation even when the market is quiet
  • How to boost your property value by 10% or more with just a simple design tweak


  • Tricks of the trade to earn 25−50% more rental income than the average landlord
  • How to hunt for “cashflow positive” properties that have attractive rental income and strong demand
  • How to expertly manage your overseas properties remotely (without having to fly to and fro)


  • How to finance 6−7 figure purchases with minimal cash (with different game plans for $25K − $100K capital)
  • How to secure the highest possible loan-to-value ratio so that you always maintain 1.25x net cash flow over mortgage


  • How to use safe leverage to roll and redeploy your capital gains into a portfolio of multiple properties
  • How to extract cash from your property holdings, generate free cashflow and achieve financial freedom

Honest Reviews from Our Students

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“I’m completely new to property investing & the course has given me more than enough to start diversifying my wealth”

Rolando Dauz
United Kingdom
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“Jeff was really experienced in his field and shared a lot of his personal experiences as examples for us to learn from”

Einat Dorobantu
United States of America
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“I now understand the process of making a real estate market analysis and how to use it to invest!”

Marcus Kee
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“I now know which are the best countries and cities to invest in, how to analyze properties, and how to work the numbers!”

Joe Arausi

Who Is This For?


  • You want to incorporate real estate into your financial freedom plan

  • ​You want to build a million-dollar net worth through property

  • ​You want to retire comfortably within the next 10 years

  • ​​You like the idea of being a landlord, managing properties & tenants and collecting rental

  • ​You are interested in investing in properties in countries such as UK



What’s Unique about This Course?

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Insider Knowledge

Jeff is in close contact with UK property professionals who can provide on-the-ground insight ─ even if you can’t be there personally.

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Little-Known Strategy

You will learn to invest in a “hidden gem” property class that yields more than run-of-the-mill apartments that outsiders typically invest in.

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100% Content-Rich

No fluff, no nonsense. You will learn the exact method to choose and secure your own property investments with confidence.


Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Financial Freedom through Real Estate

  Why Invest in Real Estate? Benefits and Objectives
 What Returns Can I Expect to Achieve?
How to Gain Financial Freedom with a Multiple Property Portfolio

Lesson 2: Basic Principles of Property Investing

 Understanding the Property Cycle
 The 18-year property cycle
 Different real estate classes
 How much capital is required

Lesson 3: The B4R Strategy Overview

 Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance and Recycle
 Which countries to invest in?
 Which cities to choose?
 Which suburbs within a city?
 Characteristics of the property
 Types of refurbishment
 Profile of tenants

Lesson 4: Real Estate Market Research: Knowing the Right Market

 Using Numbeo to filter for countries & cities
 Walk score
 Statistics to look at

Lesson 5: Is This a Good Deal? Learn to Analyze the Numbers

 Return on Investment or Return on Equity
 Valuation approaches to real estate
 Cost approach
 Income approach
 Sale comparison approach
 Calculation Internal rate of return (IRR)
 Predicting Capital Growth

Lesson 6: Closing the Deal

  How to negotiate best deal for yourself
 How to structure the offer - under individual name or corporation

Lesson 7: Financing Your Properties

 The power of leverage and using other people's money (OPM)
 Finding and working with mortgage advisors
 Setting up a joint venture and raising money
 What is the difference between a pure developer load and JV?

Lesson 8: Refurbishing to Force Capital Appreciation

 How to unlock the value in your properties
Case studies

Lesson 9: Designing a Financial Freedom Plan

 Extracting cash to buy the next property
 What's next after 10 properties

Lesson 10: Your 12-Month Action Plan

Set up power team. Sourcer, Solicitor, Lettings Manager, Accountant
 Set up bank account
 Decide the type of asset; commercial, residential (HMO or single lets), flips
 Coming Up with Your Property Freedom Blueprint
 Achieving 10 Properties in 10 Years
Becoming a Sourcer


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As the saying goes, "Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait."

 Property investing has proven to be one of the safest and simplest ways to accumulate wealth and pave financial freedom.

Now is your chance to learn from a seasoned property investor and kickstart your property portfolio using as little capital as possible.

TAKE ACTION NOW and learn to invest in this amazing high-yielding asset that brings you 15-50% annual capital gains AND consistent rental income month after month!

Frequently Asked Questions

 “Will Adam teach in this course?”
No, this course is 100% taught by Jeff. While Adam doesn't teach in this course, he has personally started a portfolio using the B4R strategy and is already enjoying 20% returns in 6 months.


“Is the B4R strategy applicable for other countries outside of the UK?”
The B4R strategy is applicable in any markets that has, but not limited to, the following traits:
1. You can get a loan to value ratio of at least 60% to 75%
2. You are confident the team you work with (lawyers or solicitor) are professional and trustworthy to make sure your ownership cannot be compromised. And also, the rule of law is strong and protects your interests as an investor. 
3. You will not be penalised for owning multiple properties (such as higher taxation for owning more properties)
4. You must make sure you are always cash flow positive wherever you invest in. In short, this means you are cash flow positive (net rental yield > debt servicing).
These criteria filter down to a few countries you can potentially invest successfully in, and UK is one of them.


“I have limited capital. Can I still apply this strategy?”
While the process is simpler with a USD 100K capital, the course also covers alternative strategies for the capital range of USD 25K−99K. You will learn to raise money through safe leverage and joint ventures to reduce your capital outlay to a minimum.


“Will you introduce me to property deals?”
This course is 100% educational and aims to equip you with the skill to secure your own property investments. You may be introduced to resource groups where you can browse property deals with your due diligence. 



About Jeffrey Ong,7-Figure Property Investment Mentor



Jeff is the latest 7-figure mentor to join the Piranha Profits® financial education team.
His personal investment portfolio includes properties around the world that generate free cashflow for him consistently. He currently holds 13 properties with a combined market value of USD 5.6 million. Over the years, he has established joint venture teams that have successfully delivered several projects.
A veteran in the financial industry for 23 years, he is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst.
As an equity research analyst, he covered Chinese companies listed in SG and HK exchanges, in the consumer, tech and real estate industries. Thereafter, he was in corporate banking for over 3 years, focusing on real estate syndication and technology companies. He has served in investment advisory for wealth management, covering private equity, hedge funds, unit trusts, bonds, equities and forex.