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Wealth Academy™ Options

Turbocharge Your Stock Portfolio and Make an Extra 20-30% Returns a Year with Options Trading

Your Safe, Simple & Systematic Guide to Options Trading

Wealth Academy Options™ equips you with 14 profitable options strategies to help you identify lucrative trades in less than 20 minutes a day. This masterclass is extremely powerful for traders and investors looking to boost your portfolio returns.

You will learn to create your ideal trading plan by factoring in key parameters like winning probability, strike prices, trade expiration date and risk-reward profile.

After this masterclass, you will learn the necessary skills to achieve a sturdy extra income of 20 – 30% annually trading at a winning probability of 95%.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • 14 proven Options trading strategies to earn an extra income of 20 – 30% returns yearly

  • The powerful "swiss army knife" approach where you can profit in literally every market direction – up,  down and even sideways!

  • How you can set up a step-by-step trading plan that will bring your win-rate up to 95%, with only 20 minutes a day!

  • The coveted trading technique that allows you to roll and repair bad trades to turn them into winning trades.

  • The winning psychology of pro traders – know exactly when not to over-trade, and how to bounce back from bad trades in order to stay profitable in this business.

  • How you can manage your trading risks wisely– to profit more than you lose and maintain a healthy account.

  • ... and much more!

Support System

Receive lifelong mentorship and dedicated support, designed to help you succeed.


1. Hands-on LIVE Online Masterclass (Over 21 hours)

✓ Trade LIVE with 7-figure mentor Bang Pham Van On Day 3 & Day 6 using strategies learned fresh from the class
✓ 160 page full-colour masterclass manual couriered to you

2. Complete Access to ALL Options Trading Video Tutorials (Over 36 Hours of Solid Content)

✓ Full access to Level 1: Options Ironshell™
11 Complete Lessons 
✓ Full access to Level 2: Options Ironstriker™
19 Complete Lessons 

3. Trademark Resources + Trading Tools (Worth USD 200)

✓ Video Recordings + Replays of Live Masterclass
✓ EPS Results Summary Sheet
✓ Portfolio Blueprint

4. Post-class Support

(Exclusively for Wealth Academy Options™ students only)
✓ FREE full lifetime re-attendance to ALL future Wealth Academy Options™ masterclasses
✓ LIVE Monthly Coaching + LIVE Monthly Trading Sessions
✓ Exclusive Access to Private Telegram Discussion Group for Options Masterclass Students (Worth USD 1,200 per year)



Masterclass Schedule & Curriculum

Duration: Total 6 days

Timings are listed in Singapore timezone (GMT +08:00)


10:00am - 1:30pm
- Introduction & Options Basics
- Buy Options (Call, Put, Protective Put)
- Sell Options - Right vs. Obligation; Exercise vs Assignment
- Option Table - Moneyness: Strike Price, ATM, OTM, ITM


10:00am - 1:30pm
- Option Pricing: Premiums – Intrinsic Value vs. Extrinsic Value
- The Greeks & Volatility
- Sell Covered Call


8:00pm - 11:30pm
- Sell Cash Secured Put
- Buy Calendar Spread – Double Calendar Spread
- Buy Diagonal Spread
- LIVE Market Observation & Trades
- Pre-market observation – Potential trades scanning
- Market Opening observation – Portfolio monitoring
- Live Trading (CSP, Calendar, Double Calendar, Diagonal)


10:00am - 1:30pm
- Strategy 8: Credit Vertical Spread; Bear Call Spread and Bull Put Spread
- Strategy 9: Iron Condor
- Basic Thinkorswim Platform Settings
- Strategy 10: Synthetic Spread (Risk Reversal)


10:00am - 1:30pm
- Bull Bang ™ / Bull Bang Collar ™
- Earnings Sniper Spread™ (ESS)
- Summary – When to Use Each Strategy


8:00pm - 11:30pm
- The Psychology & Risk Management of Winning Traders
- Build a Profitable Options Trading Business
- Trading Infrastructure & Information System
- Construct a Profitable Portfolio Blueprint
- How to use the Trade Tracker
- LIVE Market Observation & Trades
- Pre-market observation – Potential trades scanning
- Market Opening observation – Portfolio monitoring
- Live Trading (Credit Vertical Spread, Iron Condor, Bull Bang™️ / Bull Bang Collar™️, Earnings Sniper Spread™️, SNIPEX™️)



Honest Reviews from Real-Life Traders

“Bang’s time-saving Options strategies ARE especially useful for me as a busy professional.”

Wealth Academy Options™ is good for people who have little time to trade.

Bang is an approachable mentor and is very accommodating to questions posed by his students. His time-saving Options strategies are especially useful for me as a busy professional. Really thankful for him in sharing his knowledge and strategies.

Daryl Teo


“This is definitely a MASTERCLASS to attend if one has no prior knowledge about Options.”

Wealth Academy Options™ gave me a good understanding of Options trading. Bang was able to condense all his knowledge about Options and present them clearly in a manner that was easy to understand.

Most importantly, he taught us useful applications by providing practical trade examples for using the various strategies. This is definitely the masterclass to attend if one has no prior knowledge about Options trading.

Mark Chng


“Now I am more confident in taking a trade!”

Wealth Academy Options™ helped me understand the safest strategies to trade Options. Bang’s patience and attentiveness in answering our questions have helped me learn a lot.

I now know all the terms and strategies that I didn’t understand previously as we practiced with real-time exercises. I’ve made the correct decision to join Wealth Academy Options™!

Sheryn Teo


“Wealth Academy Options™ haS given me the possibility to have another source of income.”

I have no prior knowledge or experience with options trading.

With that, Bang was able to explain the concepts and considerations in simple language that a newbie like myself can understand. Wealth Academy Options™ has given me the possibility to have another source of income.

Really thankful to Bang for his sharing!

David Chow


“I like the IDEA OF earnING money in a sideways market and not caring about the market direction.”

I’m very thankful to Bang for his patience in answering my countless questions during his masterclass. A very helpful, sincere and humble man, I’m proud to have Bang as my mentor.

His strategies definitely made me more knowledgeable and enhanced my options trading skill. I especially like the idea of earning money in a sideways market and not caring about the market direction.

Cheryl Fong


“Truly an eye-opening experience to trade with upfront probability of winning and learning how to repair trades.”

Wealth Academy Options™ is the masterclass I’ve been looking for. Bang has delivered beyond my expectations.

It's an eye-opener to learn the strategy of selling options to earn premiums, with upfront probability of winning estimated, and to repair trades to minimize risk. I’m glad to have attended to understand the Options strategies not easily obtained elsewhere!

Tan See Tee


“I am impressed with Bang’s knowledge oN options strategies and how to tackle different trade situations.”

As a busy working professional, this is a good masterclass to attend with a good community of like-minded traders.

I’ve benefitted from Bang’s knowledge and experience as he shared on how to tackle different trade situations and now, I have good insights over the risks and rewards of options trading.

Ng Jing Zhong


“Bang is willing to go the extra mile to ensure his students learn.”

Bang has been an excellent mentor and it has been an absolute pleasure to learn from him. He’s very engaging and will go the extra mile to ensure his students learn.

Humble and approachable, I’m thankful for his guidance and support to achieve consistent profits from Options trading.

Vipin Rastogi


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About Bang Pham Van
Options Trading Master Tactician

Bang Pham Van is a master tactician in options trading with over 18 years of live trading experience. The veteran trader has executed more than 15,000 trades in total.

Bang is the creator of many proprietary trading strategies, including the Bull Bang™, SNIPEX™ and Earnings Sniper Spread™ that have earned him over USD 200,000 in trading profits. Using his risk-controlled, high-ROI methods, he even grew $100K to $204K in just 9 months.

Bang holds a Master’s in Business Administration and is a senior finance manager at one of Forbes’ global top 50 MNCs where he has worked for over 20 years.