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"I was new to stock trading and down $6,500.
After watching Adam’s videos, I’ve made all my money back."

Love Adam’s videos. I was new to stock trading 3 months ago and asked a ton of stupid questions. I was down $6,500 from the October correction from mutual funds. I pulled everything out and started trading… watching his videos and just learning and watching trends and patterns.
Last week I was up $6,000 from 2 trades. From -$6,500, now I am up $3,000 trading stocks in a bear market. I made all my money back, but what’s more important is understanding the game. Buy low sell high, avoid big losses, stick to my plan and having the mental and emotional discipline to follow through and being able to pull the trigger. THANKS ADAM YOU’RE THE MAN!
Sephs Vi  |  December 2018


"ATTENTION ALL BEGINNERS: You must watch Adam’s lessons. This guy is an AMAZING teacher."


I’ve been learning trading off and on (mostly because I’m too emotional with real money) for about 20 years. Tried for a couple of months and then quit when I lost all I had. This time, trying again, but getting more serious about learning.

I’ve been scouring the internet for whatever I can learn. I’ve watched several videos and training courses that were free and some of them would try to sell you more. I’ve been looking for someone who can take the “child in trading” by hand because every other one out there assumes that people know things before they take a class.

Then today, I came across Adam’s videos and WOW!!! This guy has explained in the simplest of terms IN ENGLISH!! FROM ASIA!! The basics of how to trade a trend, up or down. He speaks better English than most English speakers I know. I am so impressed with this man that I had to write this review. And I don’t write reviews. If I like something I just hit the like button. But THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKIN FOR!! THANK YOU, ADAM.

Jeff Silverberg  |  September 2018




"Because of Adam’s guidance I am seeing 50% returns from my Forex investment which I had just started for a month."


I am a Singaporean in the Malaysian mining industry for many years. Recently due to changes in politics I had lost everything. 

Because of Adam’s guidance I am seeing 50% returns from my Forex investment which I had just started for a month. I truly appreciate the trading tips and strategies Adam has shared. Once again many thanks!

Lance Goh  |  Singapore |  July 2018