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Trade, Learn and Profit Together

Investing and trading can be a lonely business. So it’s great to have the support of like-minded people who motivate you towards your financial goals.

Most Piranha Profits® courses by Adam Khoo come with a Telegram group to support our students on their investing & trading journey.

Why Join Our Telegram Group

As long-time financial educators, we know that investors and traders (especially newbies) need lots of help, guidance and support to succeed in the financial markets.

When you’re buying a stock for the first time, you may lack confidence in your judgment and want to seek a second opinion.

When you pick up a new trading strategy, you may have questions on how to best deploy it in a tricky market situation.

Like all things in life, practice breeds progress. No one can magically become a trading genius just by attending a crash course or bootcamp.

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At Piranha Profits®, we believe financial mastery is a continuous journey and we created the Telegram groups to support our students in their day-to-day market encounters.

The Telegram group is where our course students discuss investment and trade ideas, ask questions, and gain market insights from Adam Khoo.

Unlike some forums where people hide behind fake profiles, all our members use their real name and photo. We are a sincere community of real-life investors & traders who share our ideas generously, celebrate wins, learn from mistakes and grow our profits together.

If this sounds like something you’d love to do, we welcome you to join us. 😀



How to Join Our Telegram Group

To join one of Adam Khoo’s Telegram groups, you need to enroll in a Piranha Profits® course. We have dedicated groups for different courses, so it depends on which specialty you’re keen on.


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Whale Investor™ Telegram Group

This is the support discussion group for students in our Whale Investor™ Value Momentum Investing™ course.

In this group, investors are free to discuss stock investment ideas and market happenings. When a member posts a potential stock pick to look at, other members can chime in and analyse the stock using our 7-Step Value Momentum Investing™ Strategy to determine if it is a worthy investment.

To join this Telegram group, enroll in the Whale Investor™ course.



Learn about Whale Investor
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Ultimate Investors Playbook Telegram Group

This is the support discussion group for subscribers of Adam Khoo’s Ultimate Investors Playbook™ (UIP).

UIP is a premium subscription service where Adam Khoo shares his market analysis and actionable stock investment ideas monthly through detailed video reports.

In the Telegram group, members can discuss stock ideas that are covered in the Playbook. Adam Khoo also shares his market insights and notifies members whenever he buys or sells a stock.

To join this Telegram group, subscribe to the Ultimate Investors Playbook™.

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Stock Trading Course Telegram Group

This is the support discussion group for students in our Market Snapper™ stock trading course.

In this group, traders discuss trade setups using the powerful swing trading and day trading strategies taught in our courses: Impulse Pullback, Bollinger Mean Reversion, GUNS and more. The course trainers, coaches and fellow traders help to validate the setups using the specific rules of each strategy.

To join this Telegram group, enroll in both the Profit Snapper™ (Level 1) and Market Snapper™(Level 2) courses. (Level 1 is the pre-requisite to Level 2).

Learn about Profit Snapper

Learn about Market Snapper

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Forex Trading Course Telegram Group

This is the support discussion group for students in our Pip Netter™ forex trading course.

In this group, traders discuss trade setups using the powerful forex trading strategies taught in our courses: Bull Flag Surf, Trend Rider, EMA Bounce and more. The course trainers, coaches and fellow traders can jump in to comment on the setups and help to validate it using the specific rules of each strategy.

In this friendly and generous community, traders post and share their trade ideas and fellow traders are free to take on the same trade after doing their own due diligence.

It is a common sight for forex traders in this group to TP (take profit) together!

To join this Telegram group, enroll in both the Pip Fisher™ (Level 1) and Pip Netter™ (Level 2) courses. (Level 1 is the pre-requisite to Level 2)

Learn About Pip FIsher

Learn About Pip Netter


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Options Trading Course Telegram Group

This is the support discussion group for students in our Options Ironstriker™ options trading course.

In this group, traders discuss their options trade setups and post their risk profiles and option quotes. The co-trainer and options tactician Bang Pham Van regularly checks the chat and helps to clarify the traders’ entry & exit plans.

Traders are free to take on the same trade after doing their own due diligence.

Traders can also ask questions and clarify their application of the Bull Bang™ and SNIPEX™, which are proprietary options trading strategies invented by Bang Pham Van.

To join this Telegram group, enroll in both the Options Ironshell™ (Level 1) and Options Ironstriker™ (Level 2) courses. (Level 1 is the pre-requisite to Level 2)

Learn About Options Ironshell

Learn About Options Ironstriker


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In this channel, you can receive free updates of Adam Khoo’s latest YouTube videos, content articles and insights.

We’ll also keep you informed on our latest online events, webinars, new product launches and special deals! 😉

(Do note that this is a one-way broadcasting channel and not a chat group.)

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Beware of Fake Adam Khoo Telegram Groups

There are many online profiles pretending to be Adam Khoo or Piranha Profits®, using our name to mislead investors and traders.

They may offer to manage your trading account or give you trade signals, trade alerts, tips, etc. They may also message you privately to solicit for money.

Do note that all of Adam Khoo’s Telegram groups (see above) are only accessible by enrolling in a Piranha Profits® course. All other groups using our brand name “Adam Khoo” or “Piranha Profits” are the illegal work of scammers and impostors.

If you suspect that you’ve encountered a fake Adam Khoo Telegram group, you can report the group to us at or verify its authenticity with us at  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common enquiries about Adam Khoo’s Telegram group.

Can I join Adam Khoo’s Telegram group for free?

Sorry, there is no option to join our Telegram group for free. You must enroll in one of our courses to access the group. This is because the Telegram groups are created as a support feature for our course students.

Can I pay just to join the Telegram group without enrolling in a course?

No, the Telegram group is only available together with the course (except for the Ultimate Investors Playbook, which is a direct subscription service). We discuss course strategies extensively in each group, so it’s important that all members come in equipped with the same knowledge and speak the same “trading language”.

How can I join the group after I signed up? Will I be given Adam Khoo’s Telegram group link?

After you enroll in one of our courses, you will be directed to a form to submit your personal Telegram details. Our team will verify your submission and send you a code to join the group. Do note that students will only be added to the Telegram group 30 days after their enrollment date. This is to ensure that all members have adequate time to study and absorb the course materials before joining the discussion.

Do you give out trade signals or trade alerts in the Telegram group?

No, we do not offer trade advice nor trade recommendations. A lot of people see our chat screenshots and think there is a way to “get rich quick”; a way to just copy other people’s trades and profit easily. At Piranha Profits, we believe in teaching traders the skill to fish, so they can feed themselves for a lifetime. Our students are able to achieve great results not because they wait for signals to drop from the sky, but because they studied our courses and put in effort to practise the strategies. It is dangerous to follow trades blindly without first learning the strategy and crafting your trading plan. Everyone’s risk appetite and capital are different, and what works for someone might not work for you. All the discussions that happen in the Telegram groups are individual opinions, and investors & traders MUST do their own due diligence before making any financial decision.

A Note to Aspiring Investors & Traders


If you’re serious about learning how to create an income from the financial markets, it’s important to learn from a trustworthy mentor who is dedicated to helping you succeed.

There are many “gurus” out there that claim to give “sure-win” strategies and help you make explosive profits. But once you finish the crash course or bootcamp, you’re left to the mercy of the markets with little to no support.

The reality is that investing & trading are skills that take time and experience to master.

A strategy may make sense on the textbook, but it takes discipline, good judgment and a strong psychology to make it work in the live market.

That’s why it’s crucial to have an experienced mentor to guide you along, and like-minded peers to spur you on in this journey.

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Our mentors check the Telegram group discussions every day and put in their personal time to answer students’ questions, give timely feedback and share their market insights. All these are done out of their passion for teaching and helping fellow traders.

Many of our students start on unsteady feet but transform into confident profit-takers with the support of our community. They go on to help other newbie traders and through this process also sharpen their own skills.

Sometimes, all you need is someone to do this with you.

You don’t have to walk alone in this journey. Join our big family today and kickstart your second income with all the support you need! 😊



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